Thu 23rd of May 2024 UTC Moon Phase Widget
Age: 14 days old
Phase: Full Moon
Illumination: 100%
Distance: 393,136 km
Welcome to the Universal Star Registry. Here you can enter your certificate number from your Star Certificate to view details about your chosen star. Your unique number can be found on the tamperproof hologram on your certificate. If you do not have a named star then visit our Star Naming Service for more details. If you would like to see an example, enter 123456 for the certificate number.

View The “Royal Star Of Cambridge” in the constellation of Cygnus the Swan named in honour of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark the wedding day of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The Swan was chosen as it is a symbol of love and fidelity. Type in certificate number 29042011 in the search box below!

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