Sat 6th of Mar 2021 UTC Moon Phase Widget
Age: 22 days old
Phase: Last Quarter
Illumination: 50%
Distance: 365,951 km
  • Planet-hunting eye of PlatoPlanet-hunting eye of Plato
    Image: Planet-hunting eye of Plato Read more »
  • Electronic Data Sheets: a common language for spaceElectronic Data Sheets: a common language for space
    Designing and building equipment for space is hard enough; then comes the writing of its accompanying documentation. Creating a working space mission involves putting together a vast number of elements correctly, so such guidelines need to be clear and easy to understand. ESA is leading efforts to create standardised ‘Electronic Data Sheets’ for common use across the space industry. Read more »
  • Video: Suitcase-sized asteroid explorerVideo: Suitcase-sized asteroid explorer
    Video: Suitcase-sized asteroid explorer Read more »
  • Ariane 5 bulkhead design assessed for Airbus airlinersAriane 5 bulkhead design assessed for Airbus airliners
    An adapted version of a composite bulkhead that safeguards satellites during their ascent on the ESA-developed Ariane 5 launch vehicle has been tested for service aboard single aisle Airbus aircraft. Fitted in the rear tail cone, it would serve as a firewall to protect passengers in the event of the rear auxiliary power unit engine catching fire or the main cabin pressure bulkhead rupturing. Read more »
  • ESA plans mission to explore lunar cavesESA plans mission to explore lunar caves
    In a first step towards uncovering the Moon's subterranean secrets, in 2019 we asked for your ideas to detect, map and explore lunar caves. Five ideas were selected to be studied in more detail, each addressing different phases of a potential mission. Read more »
  • Greener way to get satellites movingGreener way to get satellites moving
    Image: Greener way to get satellites moving Read more »
  • Flying fire watchFlying fire watch
    Image: Flying fire watch Read more »
  • Meet ESA’s R&D directorateMeet ESA’s R&D directorate
    Our new brochure introduces ESA’s R&D directorate: the engineers charged with inventing the new technologies needed for Europe to push further out into space, and develop the novel services improving our lives here on Earth. Read more »
  • Proba-V’s plus oneProba-V’s plus one
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  • Propelling satellites into the futurePropelling satellites into the future
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